I have a Mac and when I start my itunes nothing happens.  It says it's open and on, but nothing comes up.  Any help?

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So when I start up my itunes the icon at the bottom my screen has the glowing dot, and I can even right click on it.  I can try to close it, but it won't close or even let me move into trash unless I use "force quit" from my apple drop bar.  If I click on the itunes icon at the bottom of the screen, the top bar show's all of the tines stuff, but if I click on any of them all options are grey, and I can't use them.  It won't show up on my screen at all.  I've tried deleting itunes from my applications and then reinstalling the latest version, and I've tried restarting my computer.  Any idea on what i should do?
If you go to View Menu in Mail, you can uncheck "Organize by Conversation" - I believe it is checked by default.
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