I downloaded the remote app, but whenever i go to type in the passcode on itunes nothing shows up so i can put it in. everytime i click devices it just goes to my ipod information and no 4 boxes like its supposed to. how do i get the 4 boxes to appear?

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help! i really want to use this app, but i don't know what to do
Thank you for the reply.
ctrl B makes the top bar (File. Edit. View. Controls. Store. Help.) appear and disappear.
ctrl S makes a side bar appear on the left side of iTunes. It shows the library which has Music. Movies. TV Shows. Apps. Playlists. Ect.
When I did the steps you suggested, my iPhone did not show up in that list.
I checked my firewall settings again, and they seem to be okay. My firewall is the only thing that I am not 100% sure of. If I go to Control Pannel>System and Security>Windows Firewall>Allow an app through Windows Firewall. It shows that iTunes is allowed. I'm not sure if something else might need to be allowed as well though. I have a few Remote options that are not allowed such as, Remote Event Log Management, Remote Scheduled Tasks Management, Remote Shutdown, Remote Volume Management, and Routing and Remote Access. I'm not sure if any of these need to be allowed or not, or if they are even affiliated with iTunes.
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