HTTP Error with Status code 403 when using ABAP Server Proxies

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Hi All,
I have been working on ABAP Client and Server proxies in my project. The weblogs by Ravikumar, Prateek Shah,  Siva Maranani & VijayaKumari were very helpful and thank them all for just helpful and guiding postings.
Interfaces using Client proxies are working fine and have been tested successfully. But I'm facing bit problems with Server Proxies. The scenario is of File to SAP system via XI. Data is coming correct up to Technical routing in pipeline but at call adapter(for Server Proxy to SAP)in XI pipeline I receive Error:
HTTP response contains status code 403 with the description Business Server Page (BSP) Error Error when sending by HTTP (error code: 403, error text: Business Server Page (BSP) Error)
Previously I was receiving authentication and authorization related error of status code 401 and then in communication channel I replaced user profile with a user id having role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER. The basis peron has created new user id with role SAP_XI_APPL_SERV_USER  only and that I'm using. I've tried creating a HTTP destination with the created user id and in test connection too receive same error message.
Please help me out with your inputs and understanding on the topic.
Thanks and Best Regards
Prashant Rajani
Hi Prashant,
Please take a look at these threads..They deal with the same problem, and they have been resolved here.
BSP Authorization error
Service cannot be reached .  error code 403 the reason forbiddn
403 Error when accessing the server
Hope your issue gets resolved.
P.S Please mark helpful answers
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