HT5019 How do I play a video on my extended desktop (my TV) and still use my desktop to surf, work, etc.?

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I have created the extended desktop, but don't know how to get the video on to the extended desktop, which displays on my TV.  I can't seem to play a file on my tv, and use my desktop on the mac to surf, work, etc. You seem to be able to use either ione or the other desktop - not both at once.
I was easily able to do this on my old PC!
Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Displays
Dragging the menubar on the image representing one display to the image representing the second display.
As most programs send the signal for video to the primary display this will often free up the other display for using while you play video.  You can always use another video playback software, or just maximize the video playback software's window, instead of going fullscreen.  It really depends on the software you are using to play videos.
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