HT201250 Time Machine Problem - Unable to "Enter" Time Machine

08-16  Source: Network gathering  Views:2 

I can see the back ups occuring as usual, but when I go to "Enter Time Machine" absolutely nothing happens.
I can see the back up drive mounted on my desktop. I can double click, look inside and see the backups in a File Menu Structure. I doubt I can restore from them though.
Any help very much appreciated?
OK - this is solved.
I followed the instructions from the right hand column under "Re: I cannot enter time machine when I press the icon to enter time machine".
Basically it was some sort of disply glitch. Unplugging the Cinema Display and restarting the computer allowed the system to enter the "outer space" view again.
Plugging in the Cinema Display again hasn't recreated the problem.
Thanks for helping out.
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