Hp6700 Printer: can't connect to D-Link DI-514 Wireless Router when Broadcast SSID is set to NO.

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HP6700 Printer:  can't connect to D-Link DI-514 Wireless Router when Router Broadcast SSID is set to NO. My MAC LapTop and HP LapTop both work with the SSID set to NO. If I change the Wireless Router to Broadcast SSID is YES, then the HP6700 Printer can connect to the Wireless Router. I setup the Printer telling it what the SSID and Password were, the same as both of my LapTops, but it never connects, unless I change the Router to broadcast the SSID. Help!
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Did you try updating the firmware on the DI-514?
You can also try setting a static IP on the printer, then assign the printer to the static DHCP list in the router interface.
To give your printer a static IP address:
- Print a Network Config Page from the front of the printer. Note the printer's IP address.
- Type that IP address into a browser to reveal the printer's internal settings.
- Choose the Networking tab, then Wireless along the left side, then the IPv4 tab.
- On this screen you want to set a Manual IP. You need to set an IP address outside the range that the router automatically sets (called the DHCP range). If you do not know the range, change the last set of numbers (those after the last '.') to 250
- Use for the subnet (unless you know it is different, if so, use that)
- Enter your router's IP (on the Network Config Page) for the gateway.
- Enter for the first DNS and for the second DNS. This is Google DNS. You can choose another external DNS if you wish.
- Click 'Apply'.
Now, shut down the router and printer, start the router, wait, then start the printer.
After this you will have delete and re-add the printer on your Mac.
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