HP Officejet and PSC Full Feature Software for HP PSC 1210 All in one printer

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Hello ,
             I have  HP PSC 1210 All in one printer but i am using windows 7 system.how can i find
                                                                            'HP Officejet and PSC Full Feature Software'
compatible for windows 7, in hp.com i sould find the above software for windows xp but for windows xp its not working, my printer physical keys are not working so i need software to do everyything from print to scan, copy etc from my windows 7 laptop itself. pls help with sofware for windows 7
There is not a full feature software Win 7 download available for the HP PSC 1210. The following document includes instructions on how to install the in-OS Win 7 driver with instructions on how to scan:
I work for HP.
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