How to synchronize a graphic on one layer with an effect on another

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Hi.  I'd like to use the bulge effect on my main layer to create distortions in the underlying graphic.  I'd also like to synchronize this with the image of a magnifying glass or other lens so that when I mover the lens around, the main image distorts / bulges beneath it.  Not sure if I should place the magnifying glass on its own layer (or the same layer as the main image).  Also not sure how to go about parenting an effect (like bulge) to an object / image (like a magnifying glass).
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks for providing the link.
As to the Search function, I usually do try to search first because I understand these forums are pretty much run by volunteers who are giving freely of their time and expertise.  That said, I rarely find what I need.  Probably has to do with how the info is indexed, plus my overall lack of familiarity with After Effects at this point.  For instance, I just tried putting in "linking a layer to an effect on another layer" or something like that.  That pulled up a list of 20 or so items.  There were a couple of links to Expressions, and that probably would have tipped me off to the right answer. 
Anyway, I appreciate the link you provided, and I'll try to work on my searches.
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