How to stop timeout event

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Inside a while loop i've placed one timeoout event with other button click event, but after stopping the while loop the time out event didn't stop.. how to stop that event,
Suggestions pls??
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2716jag wrote:
im having only one event structure.. see within a while loop im having the event structure. im having three cases, one is time out event having the time out of value '0'. that is it never wait for other to event occur. if i click other other event after running that time out event is running. in one case im stoping the while loop with a boolean. but after giving the true value to the while loop the time out event is continously running. tell me how an i stop the time out event??
You should really show us your code! We cannot troubleshoot vague descriptions. Attach your VI or at least attach a picture of the code.
Have you tried running in execution highlighting mode?
Some guesses:
Are you possibly running the VI in "continuous run" mode? That would restart the code after it finishes. 
Is your stop button outside the loop, but wired to the stop terminal across the loop boundary?
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