How to stop importing from usb drive going into root ITMS directory

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First time I imported, everything was fine. I was trying to get rid of some duplicates and got rid of one of the main subdirectories (I had "Itunes Music" folder with two main subdirectories, let's call them "Laptop" and "Desktop." I noticed I had many duplicate artists from these, so I deleted the "Laptop" directory. Naturally, all these showed up with asterisks on iTunes. With no easy way to delete them all (can't sort based on asterisk, apparently), I removed EVERYTHING from my Library and attempted to copy over from the USB drive again. This time, the contents of "Laptop" went into the root "iTunes Music" folder (so there were now ~50+ folders including the "Desktop."
This isn't working for me, since my objective is to get rid of the duplicate work (duplicate tracks I can somewhat stomach, but I also have some duplicate "Artists" which is driving me crazy). I removed everything from the library, deleting it all (~30+GB) and deleted all of the subdirectories from the iTunes Music folder.
When I went to reimport it all again. I dragged the "Laptop" folder from Finder on the USB drive into the iTunes Music directory again (as I did the first time), recreated the and everything continues to populate the top iTunes music folder. Is there any way to stop this? I want the "Laptop" folder to stay in it's subdirectory structure distinct and separate from the "Desktop" folder so I can ensure I am not unnecessarily increasing my structure.
One easy (though extremely tedious) alternative could be to import the folders one at a time... but I'd really like to avoid that. But for my first mistake, this wouldn't have been an issue. I haven't changed any settings on iTunes, so please advise!
I have duplicate (different) stuff on the laptop versus desktop but some unique to each (and all kinda scrambled up). I first started importing on my old G3 ibook. It was slower and chugged harder and some are at really low bitrate, for example, and also lack album art. My XP desktop was made for gaming and is much more powerful, so I always did high bitrate and was much more careful to do all the album art, etc.
Now I'm trying to consolidate it all on my new MBP... Mostly, though, it's a mess and I've been putting this off for years and it's mostly my fault. My biggest gripe is the large number of duplicate tracks. I can live with these when they're from different albums (compilations mostly), but not when one is a lower bit. I imagine I'm gonna be doing it the hard way, one album/artist at a time...
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