How to settle sales order to CO-PA

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Hello all:
1. create sales order , on item level has settlement rule to PSG:CO-PA
2. in sales order click COSTING button (calculator button) to put in cost estimate
3. KB21n to record actual time for activity
4. VF01 to generate billing
5. in my billing no CO-PA document generate?
=> what is transaction to settle my cost and revenue to CO-PA ?
=> I have try VA88 but message KD256 There are no accrued amounts; settlement is not possible."
pls advise any additional step to do before I can run settlement and what transaction is the right one to do settlement of sales order.
Best Regards,
   Check if there is a result analysis key associated with the sales order. The result analysis should be done before the settlement. This posts the accrued values to table COSB and the settlement reads this values from COSB to execute the settlement. Read note 179533.
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