How to set up icloud and sync contacts on iphone?

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I'm trying to help out my builder, who is a friend and occasional client of my business.
He has no decent way of keeping all his contacts organized, many are on his iphone, and others on a lot of yellow sticky notes.  He wants to set up his contact list so he has clients, vendors, sub contrators, etc.
I have my contact list on my iMac set up with business, friends so forth.
The builder has an iPhone 4s I think (maybe 5, I'll check if it makes a difference).  He told  me he backs up his phone now and then with iTunes on his PC. He rarely uses his PC and really just wants them on his iPhone and iCloud (so I can access them and keep his contacts up to date).
He has about 400 contacts in his iPhone.  I want to add all those yellow sticky notes to his contact list on his icloud (which he just signed up for and has never used).
what is the best way for me to get his contacts from his iphone into icloud and than set the whole thing up so when I add new contact to his address book in icloud they turn up on his phone?
I've been googling this and reading online answers for an hour but I'm now more confused then I was.
Thanks for any help.
It depends on where is contacts are on his phone.  If they are stored locally in the "On My iPHone" account, all he would need to do is go to Settings>iCloud, sign in with his Apple ID to create his account (or sign in with an existing iCloud ID if he already has one) and turn Contact On.  They will then upload to his iCloud account.
If they are being synced with an external service such as Gmail, Yahoo, an exchange account, etc., they will have to be copied to his iCloud account in order to sync them with iCloud.
Unless you already know, have him open the contacts app on his phone and tap Groups (if he has any contact groups).  Does he have any non-iCloud accounts listed, such as On My iPhone, Gmail, Yahoo or an exchange account?  Also have himego to Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Default Account (in the Contacts section).  Does he have the Default Account setting in the Contacts section, and if so, what is selected as his default account?
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