How to retrieve a 'sent' e-mail from the server?

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One of my users has gone out of town, left her laptop at home, and now (of course) desperately needs me to retrieve an e-mail she sent to a customer last night. It's a POP account, what would be the best way for me to locate this sent message on the server so I can forward it to another person in our company? (I do know the approximate time it was sent, and the recipient's name).
Suggestions greatly appreciated! Many thanks--
leaving messages on the server when using POP3 will work for received messages. Sent messages still don't get stored by the mail client when using POP3 (unless you have used an option like "copy to self" or similar).
Even if POP3 and IMAP are enabled on the server, behaviour is unfortunately determined by the client.
An IMAP client considers all folders remote (unless told otherwise), a POP3 client considers them local.
So for what has happened in the past there is no solution. For the future he can either use IMAP or tell the POP3 client to leave messages on the server AND use an option like BCC to self.
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