How to render a video from image sequence with custom frame rate?

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Dear all,
For a project i would like to create a video from 47 images with a custom frame rate. To achieve this i take the following steps in Photoshop CS6 extended:
1) File -> Open...
2) Select the first image and select " image sequence ". All images have the same size (1280 x 1261 px) and are numbered correctly.
3) Click open
4) Frame Rate: Custom 3 fps
5) File -> Export -> Render Video... -> Render
6) Play the video with VLC. The video shows a still image of the first image.
If i choose a frame rate of 10 fps, then there is no problem. VLC plays the video as expected.
Is there a other way to create a video from 47 images and choose a custom frame rate? Or what am i doing wrong?
Seen this SO thread? movie-in-ios
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