How to modify fillable pdf forms

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I'm using Mac OS 10.7.2.  I've been applying for a job through the Veterans Administration website, usajobs.
I have not been able to save the fillable PDF documents as the website says I should.
Every time I try to save, I lose the information I've typed in.
The website says it should work with Safari 5.0, but it does not.
It also says it should work with Acrobat Reader 9, but it does not. The tech at Acrobat said I needed Acrobat Pro X, which costs $489 and with a Mac does not have a trial period.
I also tried something called PDF Pen, but that messed up the information in the forms.
Any suggestions?
Also, if I get far enough that I can save the data, it also requires me to sign the forms.  Any idea of how I can do that?
Fill out the form, and instead of saving, File->Export... and save as a PDF with a different name.   If this works, you will need to do this with each edit.
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