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I have been working with my CS2 Premiere to create some auto play high definition, audio-only DVDs that are autoplay.  To clear the air, yes I know that CS4 will permit 24bit-96 kHz.  For the time being 16 bit-48 kHz, is still better (marginally) than CD, but it permits greater playing times.  Yes, I know that the autoplay without menues "feature" is bogus, and was never corrected by Adobe.  So much for their interest in their customers.
I found a simple workaround for the autoplay/no menues feature.  Just make a DVD-RW with menues.  Then use DVD-DeCryper/Shrink/Nero - whatever to make an autoplay DVD onto a permanent disc.  It works well.
Here is my latest crazy problem: How to get really long playing time.  I know I can make high qualitye DVD-A's up to 3 hours using Minatonka Bronze.  Unfortunately, DVD-A discs are worthless as they cannot play in 90% of DVD players, but they prove the time point.
I have three 48 kHz files that I created in Adobe Audion.  The were 1.599, 0.911, and 0.974 GBs in size.  That added up to 3.480.  The playing time is about 2:30 Hours; quite a bit less than 3 hours.   I tried burning a DVD with these, audio-files-only.  I checked lowest quality video, used no video, and got an Export To DVD error that I had "insufficient" space on the 4.7 GB disc!  So, I used the two latter files, which added to only 1.884 GB.  Premiere did not baulk, and it successfully burned a DVD that played.  Then I added the 1.599 GB file, and, once again, it produced an error.  This was clearly not going to work.
At this point, I realized that Audition had done what it liked to do: It had saved the 16 bit-48 kHz files as 32 bit-48 kHz!  So, I went back to Audition and used EDIT to change the files to genuine 16 bit-48 kHz files.  When I opened them in Premiere, Premiere reported 16 bit-48 kHz files.  Their sizes were now, 0.799, 0.456, and 0.487 GB.  Please note that this totals 1.742 GB.  This is less than the 1.884 GB I had successfully used before.   Once again, I was getting the "inssufficient" space error.  This is nuts.  The disc can hold 4.3+ GB, but won't fit 1.742.GB.
So, anybody got some ideas?
I cannot believe you are wasting my time and the space of this forum with your irrelevances.  It would have been better had you just tried to answer my question, which is the purpose of these forums.  Why engage in useless chatter?
I said nothing about any great sonic difference betweein 16/48 and 16/44 digital audio; I said "marginally."   In English that means very little difference.  I'm not going to prove to you with distortion and frequency response plots that there is some minor difference, it is a fact of life.  You, in fact, just stated a difference.  The difference between a 24 kHz cutoff and a 22 kHz custoff  is a difference which you give, to back up your absurd statement that there is no difference.  This can actually translate to a minor, difference in THD at higher audio frequencies, but who cares?   Well, you apparently care, because your beligerant non-reply to my question was that "fewer...would notice ."  In English that means that some would notice.
What my question had to do with MP3 junk, or multichannel sound, I don't know.  Why should I do, as you suggest, and make DVD-A's when one needs only stereo?  This is a Premier forum, not a DVD-A forum.  Why not bother DVD-A junkies on Minatonka fourms?  DVDs can handle stereo PCM very nicely.  Classic Audio has marketed their 24/96 DADs for many years and so have a few other companies.   They have been well received by some "golden eared" types.  I hope they don't upset you.  There is a good possibility that DVD may only be around as a "legacy" feature on BLU RAY in future years.  DVD-A was DOA years ago and SACD may go just away; DVD-A is almost that.  So, PCM stereo sound DVD's are a good bet that the resultant disc will be playable on many people's players as well as future players.  The longer playing time that may be available would make listening to concerts easier, rather than breaking them up into segments.
If you want to argue my motives, or tastes, I suggest you go to another forum and discuss you theories.  If you actually have something productive to say about the problem I pointed out, that would be welcome.
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