How to install & configure Oracle9i

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How to install & configure Oracle9i
The Oracle installation mainly depends on which OS are u using.
1.If u are using as a windows platform.... it is easy ..just follow the GUI mode of installation from the 3 disks ..u can download the database from site.
2.If u are installing on the Unix platform ..then it is little bit tricky and also depends on the which flavour of unix u are using.
For unix installtion ..
1.u have to set the kernel parameters first and then reboot the system.
2.creating the groups dba and oracle .. granting the group privs
3.create the profile file for setting the environ variable...
4.Then follow the GUI mode of installtion for the rest..
about the patches ... u need to be specific about the type of unix flavour ur using and the version.
hope this helps.....
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Praveen Shiva
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