How to get to a specific movie in VOD?

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There are thousands of movies in Video on Demand. How can I get straight to a specific one when I know the title? Must I scroll through a thousand of them to get to the one I want? Why can't I start typing the title, and have matches pop up (as in Netflix), or at least have some feature to fast scroll (i.e., page down)?
If I'm dumb, I'm no dumber than a Verizon help desk agent, because she searched for 20 minutes and couldn't figure this out either.
lacticacidtrip wrote:
To search the On Demand listings on your TV, press the On Demand button, press the Up Arrow (or Page Up) until the Search option is highlighted, then press the OK button. Enter the name of the movie you want to watch, then use the navigation arrows to select it from the list. (FYI: Page Up/Page Down is CH+/CH-. But it only scrolls half a page at a time in VOD listings and doesn't seem to help at all in the graphical displays.)
To search the On Demand listings online, sign in to your account, then go here:
Enter your movie title in the Search box, then click Search.
Adding one more short cut for searching VOD titles
After launching VOD,press B button on th remote, it will launch search screen
And you can even get the search screen from Main Menu
Main Menu->Search->Press Options ->you will get the filters ->Choose on demand/Ondemand HD/Flexview ->add then enter the name of the movie you want
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