How to get the co-ordinates of a dynamically created input field

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Hello Frn's
i have created a dynamic text view . but this text view is not appearing at proper position . I want palce it infront of a dynamically created input field . how can i do this ?
as i am thinking ...i should first of all  get info about the co-ordinates of   dynamaclly creatd input field . and with respect to these co-ordinates ...set the position of  text View .
Please suggest  your thoughts .
Thanks and Regards
Priyank Dixit
There is no provision in WD for getting screen coordinates and then placing the UI element.
You to add the UI element to layout editor and based on the layout type it will add the UI element to respective position.
I would advice not to create dynamic UI elements( instead you can create them statically and then play with visibility status through context binding ). This will be more effective way and less error prone. This is also recommended practice.
still,For dynamic creation you can refer to following wiki:
Manas Dua
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