How to find where the data is coming from in appended field for BW extract

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I am not an ABAP'er ... And this problem is about a BW Extractor
I am extracting data for my (Utility Industry) Sales Statistics Cube using 0UC_SALES_STATS_01 data source. The Extract structure is BIW_ISU_ESTA and we are appending the structure with a few fields:
I see some similar fields in DBERCHZ1 which are not the same. The data gets filled in the above fields somehow. I need to find out how and where. We have now diffrent variation of the same data and I'd like to extract that transactional data as well using the same fields rather than appending more fields to an already huge extract structure. When I click on the fields in BIW_ISU_ESTA, it takes me no where. I also tried out the extractor program (RSA3) in debug mode but somehow the fields are already populated. I tried using the ABAP dictinary but can't find a way to find these fields there.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks Renata,
This is a standard business content extractor with the fields enhanced. Usually we have some user exits to populate the fields but in this case we only append the extract table. I couldn't see these fields being part of any existing includes in the extract struct but some how they get populated. I guess system knows from where to copy the data.
Thanks for your reply though. I am closing this thread as it seems not a very popular cube.
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