How to download/save a AI file from Web

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Hi all,
I need to download some ai files from my client's web application in which, whenever I click the links from their web, my acrobat pdf reader 8.0 will be pop-up and I cannot save the ai files under the acrobat pdf reader. Recently, I don't have any Adobe Illustrator program in my PC because my job is download all ai files and forward to my designers. Can anyone have any suggestion?
Hi Silk,
I've tried this before. I've no idea why my client's application cannot right click the link. Probably, the web application is written by something related to Java. Even I use left or right click, my windows will be automatically popup the Acrobat PDF reader. I was trying to search some related discussion to disable the Acrobat PDF reader(8.0) popup but fail. Have any idea?
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