How to delete one kind of music file and keep another.

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and I hope you can help me. I have an iPod touch, and I am trying to add my music to it, but I only want the AAC versions on my iPod.  I've got some mp3 tracks in iTunes, and some AAC versions as well.  I have added the "kind" column, to order the files by their mp3 and AAC versions.  Now I want to delete the mp3 versions, and keep the AAC versions to add to my iPod.  Is there a way of highlighting the mp3 versions en masse, so I can select all the mp3 tracks in one go, ready to delete them?  I don't want to remove them from the computer itself; just from iTunes.  I could select each mp3 track in turn, and delete them individually, but that is a laborious way of doing the job.  I'm looking for an easier method.  Can anyone offer me a suggestion as to how to do this please, either via iTunes, or via a file management method in my Windows PC?  Thank you for your time in reading this question.
It's OK, I sorted it myself.  I sorted the songs by "kind" as explained above.  Then I highlighted the first mp3 track, scrolled down to the last one, then pressed the shift key to highlight all the mp3 tracks.  Finally, I right clicked and chose "delete" from the options, which removed all the mp3 tracks in one go.
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