How to cusotmize the attribute of being mandatory for master data and order

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how to make the  un-mandatory field on the verdor master data mandatory?
Also, How  to set to define my own mandatory fields on  purchase order?   I also need to remove the mandatory setting which is pre-set by the system on many docutments&master data.
How to fullfil them.
thank very much
for vendor master
spro>Logistics - General>Business Partner>Vendor>Control>Define Account Groups and Field Selection (Vendor)
or code  OMSG
material master 
Purchase Order
Go to SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Define Document Types > here get the Field selection key for the PO Doc type
Now go to SPRO > MM > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Define Screen Layout at Document Level > Here the field selection key, under selection group "GR/IR control", mark "GR-based invoice verification" field as mandatory
hope it help
try asking the questions one by one
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