How to configure Airport Time Capsule with IP Camera?

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I have recently switched from a DLINK Router (DIR-655) to the latest 3TB Airport Time Capsule. The ATC works great, super fast etc...
I had an IP Camera (Trendnet TV-IP572-WI) connected to my DLINK Router, using a Dynamic DNS account (dyndns) to access if from outside my home (i.e. from the Internet). The configuration on the DLINK was quite straightforward. (Virtual Server)
Question: How to do the same with Airport Time Capsule ?  I had a look at the detailed settings menu in the Airport Configuration Utility. but cannot find anything like this (Virtual Server, Port Forwarding etc...)
Many thanks for your help !
What is the make and model number of your "modem"?
Most modems these days are actually modem/routers or gateway devices....which would require that the port forwarding be done on the "modem"....not on the Time Capsule.
If you did not see any settings for DHCP Reservations and Port Settings when you looked around in AirPort Utility, this indicates that the Time Capsule is likely configured to operate in Bridge Mode.......and it is your "modem" that is actually the router for the network.
Open up AirPort Utility again, click on the Time Capsule icon, then click Edit in the smaller window that appears
Click the Network tab at the top of the window
Check the setting for Router Mode.......which is likely set to "Off (Bridge Mode)"
Is it?
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