How to attach a word or excel file directly in Email App on iPhone 5s

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The biggest disappointment for me with iOS7 is the inability to attach word, excel and pdf documents directly to a mail in the Mail App instead of attaching them from the app you are using at the time. This is a serious flaw and Apple must by now know that attaching video and pictures is not all that users of their devices do. Surely they need to take this aspect seriously if they want to be taken seriously by business customers!
This is quite possible.
Actually, before approving or rejecting, the manager has to get email from other approvers who dont have access to SAP or Portal.
How these approvers are notified about workitem?
However, you can make use of decision step to approve or reject.
When Manager will open the work item ,SAP standard functionality can be used to  attach file , here manager can select word file format and attach the required file. then he can approve or reject it.
This file would be saved as instance of SOFM object and a background method would be required if you want to read the contents.
Sangvir Singh
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