How many times have you sent your computer in for repair?

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I am on my third repair since I bought the machine in April.
Once for a hinge that creaked loudly when you opened and closed it.
The second times was for the heat and whine as well as a the screen opening button had been worn down to black. (it came back with a new button and the same logic board and the same whine)
Now it is getting service for the whine, the peice of the top case the repair depot bent and a faulty fan.
I feel like they don't want to call it a lemon because it is a 1.83 machine and they will have a hard time selling it as a refurb.
Has anyone else had similar expiriences?
I have stripped screw heads too and it pains me to think about it. Thought this was just me. They said I can bring it to a store to have looked at but really I would rather not.
But I've had to send mine in 3 times for the whine. First time they replaced the power inverter and fans (even though I firmly do not believe that was the problem and talked to them at length about where the sound was and the updated logic board). The computer came back even louder. Back it went. This time, it came back "within spec". At this point I'm thinking I never should have sent it in so I use it for a week and the whine just gets louder and higher (although really not much different than originally). So I call Apple and sent it in again thinking at this point, I've already moved all my work so I can send it in as many times as it takes. But this time, it comes back with a new logic board and I have to say the difference is amazing. It is completely silent. I thought I could live with the noise before and that it should be expected and sending it in may cause other problems or maybe it really is within spec but the new logic board is absolutely dead silent and cooler that even the fans turn on less. I feel a lot better now (until Merom was announced today but oh well).
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