How easily can the MacBook Pro be scratched with another aluminium product?

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I have a MacBook Pro 15' and an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover.  Every now and then, if I carry both in my hands, I stack the iPad on top of the MacBook Pro.  I will hear a sound of metal VS metal and I have figured what it was.  The hinge of the Smart Cover was rubbing against my MBP.  I was wondering, can the 2 scratch each other?  I have noticed wear on the metal Smart Cover hinges, and was wondering if the same thing could happen to my MBP.
Thanks for helping!
Aluminum, while flexible and lightweight, is a very soft metal. Apple was very careful with engineering the MBP to round the edges and make the shell as damage proof as possible. Still, with a little bit of hand pressure, you can cut into aluminum with an everyday table knife. That should tell you something.
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