How do you refresh a report after an update?

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Hi all,
I have a Welcome Page that has several Portlets on it. One of the Portlets is a QBE report. From the report a user can click on a column record and be transported to a form, where the user can modify the record. Once the user is satisfied with the changes, the user hits the UPDATE button and is transported back to the Welcome Page. The only problem is that the Report has not been updated. Refresh does not work on the web toolbar and the only way I figured out on how to refresh the report is to go into the 'Customize' page and make some sort of change and hit O.K. After that, I am redirected back to the Welcome Page with the Report refreshed with current data. How can I refresh the report, without going into the 'Customize' Page? What code does the 'Customize' page do, to automatically refresh the report? I am using Portal
This is due to webcache. You can solve this problem by calling the page url with an extra parameter. That way the page would get invalidated.
Say the page url is
then you should call the page like this
This just adds a dummy parameter at the end and hence invalidates the cache.
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