How do you get your site removed from the reported attack sites list?

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Our site appears to be on the 'reported attack sites' or reported web forgeries' lists and is getting blocked in Firefox. This is a mater of urgency as we use Firefox as our web browser in this organization and there is a site wide outage, none of our staff can use their webmail. How do we get removed from this list?
When we have the site in the "Allowed Sites" list it still does not load.
When we un-tick "Block reported attack sites" and "Block reported web forgeries" the site works. Though we do not want to untick these for our users for security purposes.
I am not seeing this problem currently with that URL. Firefox refreshes the site list from Google quite frequently. You can check for new files in the following folder and if they are not getting refreshed, I suppose you could try deleting them.
Note that this is under the Local branch (location of cache) and not the Roaming branch (location of preferences, extensions, etc.)
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