How do i transfer all my ipod songs from my ipod to my new computer?

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how do i transfer all my ipod songs from my ipod to my new computer?
i stil have my old computer. but i have 500 songs. so i dont want to burn them onto cds then upload them. is there a way to transfer the songs from the ipod to my new computer?
dell demension 9100   Windows XP  
Hey, I had the exact same issue. The way that Apple explains to do it is change your iPod into hardrive mode by messing with the preferences. While your iPod is hooked up to your old compuer, go into preferences and check the box saying enable disk use. Then your iPod will appear on the desktop and you can drag the song files into it. I don't know if you can transfer them all at once or not. Anyway, then you hook up the iPod into the new computer and drag the songs into iTunes. I had trouble doing this and it erased all my songs one time but I think it was an error on my part. Another way to do it is to send the song files through AIM. Have someone on the old computer and you on the new one and send them in large bunches to the new computer. Yet another way is to e-mail them to yourself and download them on to the new computer. The sure-fire way (and the way I finally succumbed to but it worked!) is to download the program iPodCopy on the new computer and follow the instructions to have your music quickly and easily copied. It does cost $17.00 dollars to download but I was willing to pay the price to have my music transferred hassle-free. Just type iPodCopy into google and it should come up. After months of trying and searching how to transfer my music to the new computer, this was my last resort and it was well worth it!
I hope my suggestions help you out in your iPod escapades!
Let me know if they work. Buenas Suerte.
iPod mini     I was also transferring from mac to PC
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