How Do I Get Music into One Grouping?

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On my iTunes I have a lot of music. I also have a lot of groupings for one artist. I have two little boxes for Selena Gomez and the Scene under the Artists tab and a bunch of TobyMac. I have found that it makes one more little box for every song that has someone new features in it. With TobyMac's new album I had like, 5 little boxes for his name. I tried putting Feat. Blank in the comments box to see if it would put them all in one box but it only put them in two. What can I do> I have tried evrything.
Hey livvie44445,
Thanks for the follow up. The following resource provides information relating to your second question:
iTunes 11 for Mac: Edit song and CD information
- Group songs that are part of a compilation together in your library by clicking the Info button and selecting the “Part of a compilation” checkbox.
- Identify the individual artists on a tribute album in the Artist field, and type “various” in the Album Artist field.
Matt M.
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