How do I get back my small icon for one click completion of my name and address etc. I lost it when I got back my web address bar

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I was getting frustrated that I had no address bar to put in an address and go straight to the page, but in restoring that I have lost my small icon which I clicked on when I wanted to complete all my personal data on the many sites such as the council, shopping sites etc. It used to fill in my name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. It was a small square firefox icon. I am using a Toshiba Laptop, with Windows Vista operating system
"small pencil" - Is this the '''exact''' extension you have installed? <br />
I don't know where you are getting '''Ctrl + Q''' from - that extension uses '''''Alt + J''''' to trigger the 'autofill' feature when the cursor is in the first form field.
'''FillForms''' extension doesn't seem to have a "small pencil" associated with it. <br /> <br />
But it does use '''Ctrl + Q''' till web forms. <br />
''Sorry can't help you with that extension, the 'support' page is written in a SE Asian language which is undecipherable to me. <br />
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