How do I auto save all newly created contacts to a pre-determined group in Maverick? Could do this on iTunes, can't do it on iCloud...

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Before upgrading to Maverick, I used to sync all my contacts via iTunes.
iTunes used to have an option to "Add contacts created outside of groups on this iPhone to: (drop-down)".
I had created a group called ' RECENTLY ADDED ', so that every time I saved a new number whilst meeting people / networking, etc, it would auto-save to that group. I would then sync via iTunes, and voila- all my new contacts would be in there.
As a marketer, I allocate my contacts into various complicated groups... so from there, I would proceed to move each contact into their relevant group, and then 'delete' from group (not delete completely). I would repeat this step until all contacts were moved out, leaving an empty 'recently added' group.
The next time i was out networking/saving new numbers, the process would repeat...
Now that I have upraded to Maverick and using iCloud syncing, I cannot find this feature.
The previous method I used worked brilliantly, and I do not always have time to add notes, etc (for a smart group) when saving new numbers.
I'm struggling to find a solution now that I'm using the iCloud syncing service...
Any suggestions to make it easy??
If the information is in iTunes on the computer you have synced with in the past another sync, being sure you select the items you want on the iphone, should copy those things back to the iPhone.
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