How can I select between multiple JREs to run an *applet* in MSIE??

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(I'm posting this after spending quite a bit of time trolling the Forum for an answer, and could definitely use some help - thanks in advance!)
I've got an applet that opens a socket to a small server running on an embedded controller to download some data. Recently, it started taking forever (>30 seconds) to open the socket, but but once its open, the download is fine.
The problem seems to have cropped up around the time that JRE 1.5.0_02 came out. I'd like to do some testing with older versions to see if this is really true.
The environment here is Microsoft Internet Explorer running under XP Pro.
It appears that the version of JRE loaded by the browser will depend upon a registry setting, and while I've found several likely candidates in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT|LOCAL_MACHINE_SOFTWARE|JavaSoft, none of them seem to make a difference. I restarted the browser after each attempt, but did not reboot the machine. I also experimented with CLASSPATH, but that seemed to be ignored as well.
Again, the goal is to be able to switch between JREs involked by the browser for an applet.
Can anyone offer some help on how to do this.
Thanks, - LR
PS - I know the delay in the applet is occuring when the socket is opened because I surrounded the Socket() call with two System.err.println() calls, and can see it hanging there. The first println happens, there's a long pause, and then I see the second one simultaneously with my server showing that the data is being served.
First of all, thanks very much for the quick reply
I took a look at your post, and the reference in the Java Deployment Guide it mentions. I was able to run jpicpl32.exe in the /oldversion/bin, enable it for the browser, and get the old version running.
But now I can't seem to get back to the current one. When I execute Java from the XP Control Panel and look in Java|Java Applet Runtime Settings, I see only the new version (1.5.0_02). If I select it, and then hit OK and Apply, when I restart the brower I still get the old version (1.4.2_07).
What am I missing?
Thanks again,
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