How can i remove my Photo Library ? i have two folders inside Photos which are Photo Library and Camera Roll, i can't remember how Photo Library got there but i wanna remove that folder and the photos inside + i really messed up

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someone told me to try iFunbox and delete thumbs file from filesystem so i did and now i have the same pics but only thumbnails when i click on one of them its black screen.
mow after restarting my phone and syncing all photos and videos from camera roll are gone i think i messed up so bad and photo library folder looks so messy like a long black screen
can someone tell me what to do ? i don't wanna restore and lose all my apps/games
thank you
You cannot remove photo library.
It will always be there.  This is where all photos synced to iphone reside.
Have you tried a reset?
If that fails, then you will likely need to restore.
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