How can i convert the data from mutiple-table to the other database(MSSQL)?

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How can i convert the data from mutiple-table to the other database such as MS-SQL?
I have a third party system based on MS-SQL 2000.
Now we want to make a integration between SAP R/3(Oracle) and SQL server.
When my user releases the purchase order in R/3, the application we coded will convert the releated data to the temp database on the SQL server.
But i don't know which tools will help me reach the purpose.  BAPI, LSMW, IDoc... ???
Would anybody tell me which way is better and how to do?
Thanks a lot!
Kevin Wang
Hello Kevin,
The question to use which method depend on your detail requirements. If you use BAPI, you need to find which Bapi can provide the data you want. Bapi normally use as a function called by external system. So you need to develop an external program like VB/Java to call this Bapi and move it to SQL. LSMW is use when you want to upload data from an external system to SAP. So it does not serve your requirement. Idoc can be use to export data to an external system. Again like Bapi, you need to find what Idoc can provide the data you want. However, it does not any programming from the external system. If I were you, based on your requirements, I think writing an Abap program that read the data you want and download it to NT/SQL server will be faster and easier.
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