How can I change the view in Show Page Source from one long line to a more readable view

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When using Develop --> Show Page Source in Safari 6.0.1 I get a view of the html that is just one long line. I can scroll along to the right but it is not very easy to use.
It seems to me that when I first used this feature I had a formatted view, that is the text was broken into separate lines and was easier to read.
But I think I clicked on something and it change to one line. I can't find a way to change it back.
Is anyone familiar with this? Or can point me to more information about Show Page Source formatting?
Oh, I see the problem.
The one long line view only occurs when I'm viewing a page locally on my own computer. (When I choose Show Page Source for any page on the internet the display is formatted normally.)
So obviously if I want to see the code in my own files I can just go open them in the text editor. I used to use View Page Source (previous version of Safari) as a shortcut for a quick peek. If there is a solution to this formatting thing for local files I'd love to know it, otherwise I'll just put it on the you-can't-do-that-anymore list.
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