How can I change the frame rate of a project in imovie 10?

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My problem is: I made a gopro movie with a frame rate of 50 fps. I imported it to imovie. So far so good.
Scrubbing over the clip i found one single frame which looked amazing. So I draged some seconds of that clip into the timeline (the project if you will).
The goal was to make a freeze frame out of this "spezial" frame.
Unfortunately I could not find this frame in the timeline any more - it's gone.
I think imovie dropped half of the frames to fit the clip into the projekt, which I assume is using 24-25fps.
The only solution I found is to decrease the speed of the clip to let's say 50%.
But is there a better way?
Can I change the frame rate of the projekt somehow? I think it was possible in imovie 11.
many thanks
(from austria)
iMovie 10 won't share at 50 fps and so for 25 fps output probably drops every other frame.  This is different from Imovie 9 which could handle 50 fps.  However, if you do 50% speed it will use all the available frames so that is indeed the way to find the frame you want.  After you have made a freeze frame I think you can switch the clip back to normal speed.  I am not aware of a better way in iMovie 10  By the way there is also no facility to export a still of a frame in iMovie.
As a GoPro user I think FCP 10.1 would be the best choice.
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