Hooking up mini to home theater

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Good afternoon.
I have a 1st gen Mac Mini. I want to hook it up to my home theater setup to be able to stream my videos, music, photos to my HDTV. What's the best way to connect this to my setup (i.e., what cables, connectors, etc.)?
I should expound on the AppleTV, yes you can keep the MM in an office and as long as it is within Wi-Fi range of the AppleTV which woudl be connected to your TV  you can stream video, audio, photos etc to it. I have a movie collection on my iMac of roughly 350 movies and 20-30K sounds and thousands of photos. Streaming using an AppleTV is extremely easy and the quality is very good. Considering you can get ATV's from Apple refurbished for only $75 cost is hardly a consideration. It worked so well that my wife insisted we get a second ATV to connect to the TV in the kitchen so she can stream media while she's in there.
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