High thread count on store.exe

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I understand that the mdb store process utilizes as much memory as is available.  My question is regarding the thread count on the process.  One of the three mailbox servers tends to have a higher thread count than the other two.  It
usually ranges from 150 to 200 (while the other two are usually 130 to 150) but today it is a little over 300.  The rpc thread count on all the mailbox servers stays pretty low (60 or under) and the rpc thread count on the CAS servers usually
hang out around 55-65, so that's all good.  All three mailbox servers also use VERY close to the same amount of memory all the time, so that doesn't seem to be making a difference.  I am just trying to determine why the thread count is noticably
higher.  This server and one of other mailbox servers replicate the public folder database, and I can understand why that would account for some additional activity, but you would think the thread count would be higher on the other server with the public
folder database as well, but it stays pretty low.  Hardware-wise these servers are all identical.  So is there something I can monitor in perf mon for instance?  I don't want to use experfwiz because that monitors everything under the sun and
I need it a bit more centralized.  I have googled all over the place and the only thing I can find is that with newer versions of exchange this thread count ranges from 200-300 on heavy usage, and exch07 can handle up to 500 threads, so I can't even find
which specific things to monitor that directly correlate with this issue.  So while I understand that it's not really too high, I would like to find out why it deviates from the norm if the other two servers are equal for all intents and purposes (same
hardware, balanced DAG. etc).  I would like to mitigate any potential issues.  Thank you.
Hi pchw,
Thank you for your question.
I am sorry that we could not find the specific things to monitor this issuer directly, because there are many reason which caused it. For example: virus, big size attachment in queue, hardware performance and so on. We could refer to the following steps
to troubleshoot:
Restart the service of “Microsoft Exchange transport”;
Create a new database and move mailbox to new mailbox;
We could do some disk health check if the load test is normal;
Collect related application log and system log to
[email protected] for our troubleshooting.
We could run SDP on Exchange server and send it to
[email protected] for our troubleshooting.
We could use tools  and logs to analysis if there are anything wrong or abnormal on Exchange server 2013. our bottle neck is disk IO latency, store.exe do require some CPU usage, but if our disk IO speed can keep in a normal range, the
CPU usage will be smaller. Exchange is highly rely on disk IO performance because it need lots of IO operation regarding to transaction log and database file. If Disk IO has a high latency, I will definitely impact store.exe, if it`s getting seriously sometimes
it may cause store.exe no response.        
We could refer to the following link:
If there are any questions regarding this issue, please be free to let me know. 
Best Regard,
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