Here we go again - Verizon Centro Versamail not working with Road Runner

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I posted back in early Demember about a problem I encountered receiving my Road Runner email on my Verizon Centro in this thread.  The crazy thing just decided to start working on it's own after a month of failing to receive emails.  Well, this afternoon it decided to choke again and has been choking all day.  I tried my wife's Centro gotten at the same time as mine and it's doing the exact same thing.  Each auto sync or attempt to manually retrieve email results in the following error:
Account   Road Runner
Action      Manual Sync (or Auto Sync when that time arises)
Started    12/12/08 4:14p
Ended      12/12/08 4:15p
Status      Failed
Messages  0
Bytes        15286
Error parsing server repsonse.  Please re-sync.
Connection establisment
User authorization
Process server changes
Error 05DF:1879:1358  (I can't find this error on Verizon or Palm to save my life)
Of course this is happening right before I'm heading out of town to coach my kid's hockey team in a tournament - a time I really rely upon my mobile email.  I am ready to pull out my gun, blast a few holes in the thing and go get myself a Motorolla Q or a Blackberry.  Can anybody help with this goofiness!?!
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This is what I get when I go to download the beta as Verizon wasn't listed as one of their carriers:  I guess now that I read it more closely, it looks like it sends one inernational SMS for each account I register, not each email sent.
Use of this software includes sending an SMS message to us for each email account you register. This is for purposes of testing the reporting functionality.
The number is +447624802625, located on the Isle of Man. For most users, this will be an international SMS leading to a charge on your bill. Others may not have SMS messaging in their plan. Please refer questions regarding service plans and expenses to your network operator.
By downloading and installing the software you acknowledge responsibility for any charges incurred while using this service.
More information can be found in the Release Notes for your platform in the Announcements forum.
Please click the link below to indicate that you understand and proceed to the download page.
I understand. Please let me download the software.
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