Help! My main content has moved outside of my page and ruined every other page in the site....

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I am new at using dw and building sites and now I came accross a problem that I can't figure out. I was going to add new content to one of my pages in my site and this happened above. I quickly exited before saving and when I reopened the file it remained in the same place. Now along with this page being like this, the rest of my site was affected in the same manner. If anyone has any solutions to this problem or reasons for this to happen please let me know asap. Thank you.
Altruistic Gramps wrote:
I feel that 2013 is the year to concentrate on RWD, there are many screen sizes available at this moment with many more to come. Excluding any of these users from comfortably viewing the site, immediately depreciates the value of the site.
I feel you are probably correct but personally I don't like reponsive design. (It's clever but it has its drawbacks) I don't know how other people browse around the net but for me I'm contantly adjusting the width of my browser window and it becomes very annoying when elements are popping up and disappearing from view all the time. I find it disorientating on a personal level and quite annoying, a bit like I do when an unexpected pop up window suddenly launches itself on you.
I prefer to see sites that have a dedicted 'alternative' for smaller devices BUT I appreciate that I'm probably going to be proved wrong on this one.
RWD is not something I'm concentrating on at the moment, especially if the site is rather big or has a complex layout, which could have several different templates to accomodate the design structure. A few pages using the same design structure is pretty easy to manage so its something I would maybe think about in those circumsatnces.
Having said that I see Murray has made a splendid job at a pretty complex and big site he has produced recently. I don't see him around here to often any longer because I wanted to ask him what sort of a nightmare it was to manage, or not.
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