Help - exporting projects, referenced files, tiff or jpg?   etc...

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I have a tricky dilemma and would appreciate work-flow advice!
- I have one master Aperture library on my MacBook Pro
- I have two 20GB projects on an external hard drive - 40GB total - some of the files are RAW and some are JPG.
- I only have 14GB of free space on my MacBook Pro.
What I want to have is just one Aperture library located on my MacBook with ALL master files externally referenced on the external hard drive. Given the file size problem, I know I can
- create a new Aperture Library on the external drive
- import the projects
- then export VERSIONS and save critical adjustments
- OR I can move the MASTERS into a new folder and re-import, but then I'd loose critical adjustments, right?
So how do I get the adjusted images from the 2 PROJECTS into the Aperture library on my MacBook Pro with no loss of quality?
I could:
- create new library on external drive
- import projects
- export versions (at what export setting?)
- open original library on MacBook
- import as referenced files
but if this is my only option... then what is the BEST export setting to use? TIFF 16-BIT?
any other options? am i missing anything?
thanks all.
- sean
Keep your existing Library on your MBP and use Referenced Masters. Relocate your Masters to external drives.
That should do everything you need.
Good luck!
-Allen Wicks
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