Have a lead on the OTA update problems!

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FIRST, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!... Whoever is responsible for FINALLY giving us our own discussion space!!!!
I am only going to post this here rather than try to update all the postings regarding the OTA update issues.  I hope people will find their way to it!
I experienced rapid battery drain, severe overheating & endless boot-looping after the OTA update (among other more minor problems posted in the main Android forum). I had to factory reset and have been trying to determine what the problem might be. I have had discussion with VZW & HTC about this problem.
After leaving my phone as a stock out of the box phone with the update for a week, I started adding back my Apps. Eventually I had the same problem.  I factory reset my phone and installed each App 1 at a time.
I discovered that WeatherBug Elite is causing major problems on the HTC Rezound post OTA firmware update. The HTC Rezound has 3 location services - Verizon Location Services, Standalone GPS and Google Location Services.  The default is for only the GPS and Google services to be turned on. If the WeatherBug city is set to Current Location and Verizon Location Services is turned off then the device battery will rapidly drain.  It will also SEVERELY OVERHEAT (130 degrees+) & eventually begin endless boot-looping.  At this point the phone has to be factory reset.
If Verizon Location Services are turned on then setting the city for Current Location does not cause this problem.  If you turn Verizon Location Services off after the Current Location has been set then it is OK until you change locations and it has to update. Then its back to severely overheating and eventually endless boot-looping.
This does not happen on the free version of WeatherBug.
Verizon included a new process - Verizon Location Agent in the OTA update.  This must have something to do with the problem.   All my other Apps that use a Current Location setting do not have this problem.  I suspect that there may be other older Apps with a Current Location setting that might cause this same problem. This has been causing much stress and problems for HTC, Verizon and their customers.  People have been going thru multiple phones thinking that it is a problem with the phone but it continues to happen.  HTC and Verizon have acknowledged that there is some problem with the update and they are now investigating it but really didn't have a lead on what it might be since only some customers were experiencing these problems.
I spent 14 hours diagnosing and trouble-shooting the problem all last night.  You have to put the phone to sleep & wait long enough for WiFi & the GPRS data to be turned off.  When you wake the phone & wait for 'No Service' on the lock screen to change to 'Verizon Wireless' then it will immediately start the endless uncontrollable boot-looping. It will also happen if you restart the phone.  I have done this on a factory reset phone with the OTA update installing one App at a time and WeatherBug Elite was the only one that caused the problem.  I do not know if this is true for 4G-LTE as I am not in a 4G-LTE area and keep it turned off.
I wanted to pass along this information I discovered.  I hope I am remembering all the steps. I had it doing it every time. I did more factory resets last night than you could believe.  You need to see the "No Service" on the lock screen when you wake up your phone. This has something to do with it also. I'm so tired now that I can't see straight.  I'll recheck this after I've had a nap.
Because some people have problems with the updates and some don't, I've often wondered if it had to do with specific apps that some have on their phones and others don't. I never had any problems with my Thunderbolt updates. This one for the Rezound isn't a problem either, but I essentially have the same apps on it that I did on the Bolt. I've never cared for Weatherbug ever since they originally came out on the PC and I got buried in spam. If you haven't tried it yet, you might also try "Weather, Radar, Alerts, Quakes by Elecont software. It's the best weather app I've found and has never given me any problems. I tried BeWeather and didn't like it as well.
What you're doing by eliminating them one at a time is time consuming, but the best route. There may still be something wrong with the phone itself. I've never had a problem with the boot looping. Also, mine gets up to around 120 to 125 degrees if I'm charging it while using it heavily for streaming videos/movies, but I've never hit the 130's like you have. I did have the led's flash red/green at me at about 125. I also haven't had any of the other problems you seem to be having, so I can't be much help other than to let you know that there are Rezounds that don't have all of those frustrating, headache causing problems.
I've lost track in your posts, so forgive me for asking the obvious, but have you exchanged it for a CLN replacement(s) and tried new batteries? Are you still using a standard battery, or an extended? The extended batteries don't seem to be having the overheating problems that the standard batteries are, but if you have a bad phone, it may not make much difference.
Sorry about the problems and frustration
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