Has anybody gotten a RocketRAID 640 working in a Mac Pro?

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I have a RocketRAID 640 I purchased, based on the fact that it "had OS X drivers". Unfortunately l'm running into a bit of a snafu here.
The English website (www.highpoint-tech.com) shows for the RR640 drivers that "Mac drivers are available at http://hptmac.com/cn". This is their Chinese website of all places (why, if it has Mac drivers are they not listed on the English site?). I recently was contacted by their tech support, and they appear to be totally clueless why their driver isn't working.
Ya see, the one they link to is this one:
But it's on the Chinese website. Yay?
So here's the issue: The .kext file's info.plist shows an IOPCIPrimaryMatch entry of "6441103". Breaking that down, the 1103 is the Marvell 9128 SATA controller (there are two on the card, oddly at x1 link width). The 644 is the ID of the card the driver is looking for in order to load. In other words, the driver (RR64x.kext), from the installer packaged labeled "RR644M" (for RocketRAID 644 Mac), will only see the RR644, but not the RR640 which I have. Unfortunately, injecting the proper IOPCIPrimaryMatch entry into the .kext file renders the .kext useless as it becomes a file that has "been installed incorrectly and cannot be used", because a user (me) modified it.
Has anybody gotten this card to work in a Mac Pro in OS X (it works fine in Windows on a Mac Pro) other than the inability to use CTRL-H to activate its BIOS configuration utility at bootup)? And if so, what driver are you using?
I've lost three days worth of work/"fun time" to trying to figure this out. I don't know why the card is so hard to get working, since functionally it's identical to the 644, only instead of eSATA ports they're all internal. Even the controllers used are the same, as is the link width of the card itself (but apparently not the firmware?).
I knew HighPoint had ridiculously bad support, but their hardware in general is rock solid (once you get it up and running). I kind of want my Vertex 3s to finally run speedy. I'd really hate to have to get a 6Gbps SAS card instead (and it'd have to be bootable which is EXPENSIVE) in order to plug into my Mac Pro 1,1's SAS cable that it uses to control the four internal HD bays (though that would give the HD bays native 6Gbps speed!).
Highpoint RR Quad eSATA for Mac is sold on Apple Store
with 4 favorable comments, from one that flashed the firmware for EFI32 to be bootable (odd, as they said they had "Early 2008" which does not jive), a few with 2010 models.
Sonnet, FirmTek or other with 6G PCIe controller IF it does not need to be bootable (you said you wanted that); and, you aren’t going to be pushing for really high performance with a single SSD.
If you want to stay with Highpoint (exchange?) HPT links to Apple product page -
RocketRAID Quad eSATA 6Gb/s for Mac $249
What I did find were these Highpoint downloads:
Driver version 1.0 - which you already have
http://www.hptmac.com/US/productfiles/bios_driver/HPT-Quad-eSATA-mac-v100-100120 .dmg
There is an EFI zip file, maybe you need to flash yours.
Highpoint Mac support page: from 9/2009
Lion compatible products page:
Highpoint Lion Support Mac
Amazon (USA) also sells the same card carried by Apple Store -
Barefeats 6G SSD (ATTO Express R644, RocketRAID 2721) support for 6G SSD
Barefeats older 3G RocketRAID
And what I found about RR640 (I have 620s in my PC but the extra 40 seconds to the boot time and stability were a no-go for me)
The Highpoint RocketRAID 640 is a PC card (only).
Windows – Linux – FreeBSD driver support (only)
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Has anybody gotten a RocketRAID 640 working in a Mac Pro?
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