Games freeze or black screen after 1 1/2 hrs of playing..

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I first noticed this during Call of Duty, after about an hour to an hour and half of playing the screen would freeze, but the game would continue..I don't have any artifacting or tearing just freeze or ocassionaly black screen. I checked the temps on video card and they seemed fine(no more than 67C), I tried different drivers, have the latest drivers for processor,mobo,video card, etc....I talked to BFG and they say there have been issues with the AMD 64 processor and MSI mobo's, but could also be a card problem. I bought the card from Best Buy but they don't have any in stock to replace it with yet, so I am waiting for that, in the meantime, I was wondering......I did change the CAS on my memory from 2.5 to 2.....could that be causing my problems?
I find if I have the following enabled / on it causes all sorts of havoc with my system:
Fastwrites - causes the comp to bluescreen / reboot / crash / cause headaches
AGP 8 - causes my games to crap out entirely from time to time. Also causes my comp to reboot when using DVD-Shrink
VPU Recover - I disabled this as well after reading it causes troubles in Star Wars Galaxies..
Cool & Quiet - I think this is normally ok. I  disabled it along with a few other things just in case - I dont really care about the noise too much
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