Freezes on open/new file in Photoshop CS3

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Photoshop CS3 displays a strange behavior of freezing for 30-45 seconds every time I try to open or create a new file, regardless of its size or format. Once the file is open Photoshop returns to its usual behavior, and I experience no slow downs. Has anybody experienced this problem,or knows what may be causing it?
Adobe does not require a non networked or "compatible" printer -- we don't even require a printer at all.  But if you have a printer installed, it works best if the printer actually works correctly.  Photoshop does not have any notion of "compatible" printers - Photoshop will work with any functioning printer.
Dear Chris,
I believe you truly that Photoshop will work with any printer at all -- up to version 8.x/CS1. The Problem appeared with the release of CS3. Maybe Adobe has discovered the world of printing in a total new manner?
Your printer driver (or OS) is causing the delays when Photoshop asks for simple information about that printer - information that should never involve contacting the networked printer.   It's sort of like "Hey, what's the name of the street we're on? I don't know, let me jog to the Library of Congress, research that and get back to you".   The drivers are doing something they should not, taking too long to do it, and nobody seems to be able to explain why.
First of all there are plenty of users worldwide who won't miss the lack of a printing function in Photoshop in general. Adobe should devote oneself to develop a solid image manipulation program. And if I would be asked to the name of the street we are on, my answer would have a serious delay too, cause I'm to polite to answer why the hell you don't have a look for yourself. If Photoshop is unable to handle a "misconfigured" network attached  printer, the developers should ask the colleagues of the InDesign team. It's not only possible to open an InDesign file immediately, some of us even have printed successfully to that "sticky" printers.
Some printer drivers are also causing crashes - again, usually when asked for simple information.  Again, this should not be happening.
Those delays and driver crashes are not caused by Photoshop, and are not under the control of Photoshop.  The best we can do is control when they happen (at launch, or when opening a document).
So, you're blaming the wrong party here.
Bump. Okay, the printer, the printer driver or someone else is the evil. But even in case this is true, it is your company's job to offer a workaround that is worthy of the name. Things are not perfect and you have to fix it.
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