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I use this view a lot. (not to imply its only this view)
and at times I need just a single forum so reach up for the View-All in left pane and uncheck-all and select the single forum, then Submit, get the spinner and the page builds. Then if I try to expand carat any of the threads nothing happens. Only solution
seems to be to F5 (refresh) the IE window. I think this happens every time. Same thing happens going the other way to re-check all. Anyone else notice this?
IE11 Windows 7 SP1 x64
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I can verify this too.
Go to a full category:
Click View All on the left, above the "Please select a forum" gray search box.
Deselect all categories - Click Select all twice.
Select one category. Click Submit.
Try to expand the carat next to any of the threads. Nothing happens.
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