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I have been able to do this in the past but for some reason can not get this to work now. I am trying to pt a signature on a IRS form after I have filled in all the fields. In the past I simply saved the form with a different name, say for exapmle, IRSxxx.-signed.pdf. Opened the new form in Apples PREVIEW program that comes with all macs. Within this program I have a hand written signature that allows me to place anywhere on any document. So I place my signature on the signature line on the PDF and save the form. When I open the form, the signature is there, but all the fields are blank.
So I gave up on this method and then just printed out the last page of the PDF, signed it, photographed it with my cameraphone, then tried to place an extra page in the PDF using the photograph of the signed page to add to the PDF. Again, when I go to open the newly created PDF document after saving it, the image of the signed page is there but all the field again are blank. How the heck can I say PDF without deleting all the fields. This is most frustrating.
I am using Acrobat 11.0.4 on an iMac running Lion 10.8.5
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Or to use acrobat instead and save or signature as a Stamp and you the stamp to to  place it where you want.
What I would do instead is:
leave the signature line when creating the PDF (In Acrobat)
Remove the Signature Field
Then fill out for and print it.
Then put your signature by hand, in signature Box.
Then mail it to them.
OR if they allow digital signing in the Signature Field place a Digital Signature.
You'll have to contact the IRS and see if the allow digital signatures.
I expect not. With all the stealing passwords and such going on today. They probably will not because The digital signature  coud be broken into and Faked.
And the only way I would email it if they allow is use VPN Connection to do so.
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