Flex with any ORM - Writing Model classes and action scripts redundant?

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I am using Hibernate with Flex. I have all my model classes
as POJOs. Now if i have to access these POJOs directly from flex, I
need to write action script reference classes for all my POJO model
classes. Since mapping POJOs with action script reference classes
is so mechanical, i am wondering if there is any tool to read all
the properties from the POJO's and convert them to action script
reference classes automatically. Is there any way that this can be
Thanks in advance.
If you use Granite Data Services, there's something called
"gas3" (I think is the name). You may be able to use it even if you
don't use Granite.
I didn't care for learning how to use it (plus it uses
Groovy, more needless stuff to learn I guess), so I can't say how
well it works. I just wanted a simple custom ant task that
generates ActionScript classes for my Java classes. So I ended up
making my own. It's definitely not trivial but it's not that hard
if you're very good with Java and reflection.
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